Explore Fiscardo’s enchanting beauty on two wheels! With FiscardoTransfers, our motorbike rentals provide the ideal mix of freedom and adventure. Cruise through Kefalonia’s picturesque landscapes, feeling the wind in your hair as you carve your path through the island’s charm. Unleash the thrill of the open road with us, making every ride an unforgettable exploration of the Mediterranean spirit.

Daily Cruises

Embark on a daily voyage of discovery with FiscardoTransfers. Our cruises are a passport to Kefalonia’s coastal wonders, offering a blend of relaxation and exploration. Sail through crystal-clear waters, uncover hidden coves, and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Ionian Sea. Each cruise promises not just a journey but a collection of memories that will linger long after the waves have settled.


Dive into excitement with FiscardoTransfers’ marine adventures. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a nature enthusiast, our activities cater to every taste. Snorkel in vibrant underwater worlds, paddleboard along the coast, or simply bask in the beauty of Kefalonia’s marine wonders. Let us be your gateway to a world where the sea becomes a canvas for unforgettable experiences.


Indulge in luxury as you sail the Ionian Sea with Fiscardo Transfers’ yacht charters. Our yachts, epitomes of elegance, offer a private escape into opulence and natural splendour. Cruise the coastline in style, creating timeless memories against the backdrop of Kefalonia’s breathtaking landscapes. Your exclusive maritime journey awaits, guided by our commitment to excellence.


Become the captain of your own adventure with Fiscardo Transfers’ boat rentals. Explore Kefalonia’s coastline at your pace, discovering hidden beaches and quaint fishing villages. Our boats are your ticket to a personal maritime escapade, where every journey is a unique exploration of the island’s coastal treasures. Set sail with us and make your nautical dreams a reality.


Embrace the allure of nature with Fiscardo Transfers’ outdoor activities. Whether you prefer scenic hikes or beachside games, our offerings connect you with the natural wonders of Kefalonia. Let us guide you through an array of adventures amid Fiscardo’s stunning landscapes, creating memories that celebrate the island’s spirit of outdoor exploration. 

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Every Tuesday and upon request, we make a road trip to Ithaca.


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Every Wednesday and upon request, we make a daily cruise.